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Artistic Director


Maestro Nunzio Sisto began his career as a graduate of the Juilliard School's Pre-College Division focusing on Bassoon Performance and Composition, going on to complete a BA in Bassoon Performance and Composition from Mannes College, and a Master’s Degree in Education from Touro College.


An accomplished musician, teacher and published composer proficient in the performance of the bassoon, flute, saxophone and piano, and capable of instructing stringed, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments, Maestro Nunzio Sisto has dedicated his life to providing high quality music education to schools of all levels and socio-economic status.


As founder and music director of the West Hollywood Youth Orchestra, Maestro Sisto believes in the life changing effects of young people’s participation in youth organizations, and is committed to providing and reaffirming the study of music through the WHYO’s performances and activities, based on the innovative 24-Part Method, which is currently being implemented in 2 pilot programs at the Hollywood High School is Los Angeles.


The 24-Part Method is a revolutionary orchestral layout consisting of instruments not usually found in conventional orchestras and is based on 24 specially arranged musical parts, thus enabling students of all levels and that play instruments not found in conventional orchestras to perform to perform a wide variety of musical genres.

Maestro Nunzio Sisto's dream is to one day have youth ensembles using the West Hollywood Youth Orchestra's 24-Part Method in schools nationwide to reaffirm the study of music in public schools across the country, and to make music relevant, enjoyable and accessible for students of all ages.

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