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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to YTOoA FAQ!


YTOoA is a Theatre Orchestra with 16 positions. Just like a Broadway Pit orchestra, some positions play more than one instrument.

But Don't Worry!


Students are only required to have their main instrument. YTOoA provides the additional instruments as part of our program is learning to "double" or play a secondary instrument. 

This page explains the 16 positions of a YTO and Frequently Asked Questions.

What is YTO?

Our founder is an Eagle Scout and graduate of the Julliard Pre-College. He wanted to combine his youth experience in  Scouts and training orchestras to create a pre-college level program that is low cost, high impact and easy to replicate.

YTO is a one-size-fits-all program that works for schools and communities. With YTO, every city may have it's own youth orchestra.


How much does YTO cost?


YTO tuition is based on the costs to operate the program. The YTO Scholarship Fund provides subsidization to lower the cost of the program. Parents are asked to pay as much of the tuition as they may, with the YTO Scholarship Fund subsidizing the remainder.


How many hours a week are needed to participate in YTO?

Rehearsal 2.5 hours

Practice 2.5 hours (minimum/week)

Why is the Palm Springs' YTO the "16 best students of the Coachella Valley"?

Like an all-star football team, by honoring those who work the hardest we are 1) rewarding diligent work and dedication, and B) impacting other students by presenting a group of near-professional level youth.

Each of our 16 players is like a member of an elite sports team. Their role is to push their abilities with other like minded individuals and to inspire others. 

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